Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Our Mission and Vision

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Committee assists SGEU bargaining units in the negotiation of effective contract clauses and acts as a resource in lobbying for more effective OHS legislation. They focus on examining OHS issues and the effects on member union participation and wellbeing. They monitor the effects of shiftwork and develop educational material for members to manage these effects. In addition, members work with the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour and National Union of Public and General Employees to improve provincial and federal legislation relating to OHS and shift work issues.

Committee Members

Beth Antoshkiw, Crown, Chair
Desiree Paulo, Health
Julie Mack, Retail & Regulatory
Lynette Napady, Public Service
Amro Khalil, Education
Bernice Perkins, Community Services
Roger Dusseault, HR/E
Courtney Topping, Youth
Bonnie McRae, Staff Advisor

Occupational Health & Safety Committee Member's Guide 


OHS Canada News

SFL OH&S Conference Application - TBD

How to deal with an Occupational Health and Safety concern

Step 1: Immediately inform your supervisor/person in charge (if the problem is not resolved go to Step 2).
Step 2: Contact your OH&S workplace committee member, (If the problem is not resolved go to Step 3).
Step 3: Work with the OH&S workplace committee to resolve the concern, (If the problem is not resolved go to Step 4).
Step 4: Contact the Ministry of Labour Relations and Safety @ 1.800.567.7233, or 306.787.449 or email workersadvocate@gov.sk.ca or visit http://www.lrws.gov.sk.ca

Ombudsman of Saskatchewan

Public Interest Disclosure Act

Saskatchewan Employment Act - Part 3


  • The standing committee would encourage all OH&S workplace committee members be trained in levels 1 & 2.  If you have any questions or concern on how to pursue, please contact Bonnie McRae.
  • Worksafe Saskatchewan's OHC Training
  • Training of representatives, committee members

    46(1) At a place of employment where a representative is designated, an employer shall ensure that the representative receives training respecting the duties and functions of a representative. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY, 1996 30 O-1.1 REG 1

    (2) At a place of employment where a committee is established, an employer or contractor shall ensure that the co-chairpersons of the committee receive training respecting the duties and functions of a committee.

    (3) Where a member of a committee or a representative gives reasonable notice, an employer or contractor shall permit the member or representative to take leave for a period or periods of not more than five working days per year to attend occupational health and safety training programs, seminars or courses of instruction.

    (4) Where a member of a committee or a representative attends a training program, seminar or course of instruction on health and safety matters conducted or provided by the division or by an approved training agency, an employer or contractor shall credit the member’s or representative’s attendance as time at work and ensure that the member or representative loses no pay or other benefits. 4 Oct 96 cO-1.1 Reg 1 s46.

2022 SGEU Occupational Health and Safety Scholarship Application Form

Plagiarism will result in disqualification from the scholarship.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 SGEU OH&S Safety Scholarship Award, Karly Hutton and Brenna Zanni.

WorkSafe - Mission 0

WorkSafe Saskatchewan Safe Worker Award

The 2020 WorkSafe Saskatchewan Safe Worker Award winner is Northern Mat & Bridge Limited Partnership, Yorkton, SK

OH&S Alerts

Sample Occupational Health & Safety Forms

Workload Report

This is a sample form that sectors can change to be specific to their workplaces. The form can be used in bargaining and for proof of workload issues.

We ask that you complete the form if you think there is a workload issue and forward it to your Local/Region/OH&S Committee and to Bonnie McRae at bmcrae@sgeu.org. The form would then be provided to the SGEU OH&S Standing Committee to compile statistical data for review of trends.

Our goal would be to identify what and where the workload issues are. We can look at avenues to help resolve the issues.

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Saskatchewan Human Rights








Know your Workplace Safety and Health Rights

The Right to Know…

  • You have the right to know about any hazards you may encounter in your workplace, and how to protect yourself from them.
  • You should receive safety and health training and instruction before you begin work, and when your work changes.
  • You should be under the direction of a competent supervisor who can show you how to perform your work safely.

The Right to Participate…

  • You have the right to participate in a workplace Safety and Health Committee if there are 20 or more employees in your workplace.
  • You have the right to have a Worker Safety and Health Representative if there are between 5 and 19 employees in your workplace.
  • You have the right to ask for additional information or voice a concern related to safety and health hazards to which you may be exposed.

The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work…

  • You have the right to refuse work that you believe is dangerous to your safety and health or to others.

The Right to Protection...

  • If you exercise a right or carry out a duty under the Workplace Safety and Health Act or Regulations, you cannot be disciplined or discriminated against.
  • This includes using your right to refuse unsafe work, or reporting a safety and health concern to your supervisor, a Safety Committee member, the Worker Safety Representative, your Union or Workplace Safety and Health.


In 1972 Saskatchewan leads in passing its own Occupational Health and Safety Act, Saskatchewan institutes the concept of internal responsibility system by making health and safety a joint responsibility of employer and employees and requiring the establishment of joint health and safety committees.  It enshrines three fundamental rights of workers:

  • the right to know about the hazards in the workplace;
  • the right to participate in health and safety discussions at work; and
  • the right to refuse unsafe work.

Putting worker's lives in danger!

English: http://youtu.be/Q73hgnkaZxE
French: http://youtu.be/QArSbCHi4R0

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