SGEU Governing Documents

SGEU Governing Documents

The SGEU Constitution and Policy Manual contain the union’s overall guiding principles and definitions. Both of these documents have been developed by the membership and are amended each year by Convention. All members have the opportunity to put forward amendments through their local and sector.


Constitution – Revised May 2024

Download the SGEU Constitution


Policy Manual – Revised May 2024

Download the SGEU Policy Manual


Anti-Harassment Policy

Unions were formed and developed historically on the basic principle of fighting for equal treatment for all members in the union based on collective action. This basic goal has not changed. The most effective tool to attain our goal of equality is the elimination of all forms of harassment and/or discrimination.

SGEU has developed our Anti-Harassment Policy to ensure all members are treated with dignity and respect. Our Anti-Harassment Policy is Article 30 of our Policy Manual, which can be downloaded at the link above.


Audited Financial Statements

As per Article in the SGEU Constitution, auditors carry out an examination of our union's books and records annually and certify the year end financial statements for presentation to Provincial Council and our annual Convention.