Provincial Council Standing Committees

Provincial Council Standing Committees 

The composition, mandate and duties of the SGEU Standing Committees are outlined in the SGEU Constitution and Policy Manual.

Standing Committees develop policies, hold regular meetings and coordinate activities and events within the union, according to their mandate. SGEU members are elected to serve on these committees.

All Provincial Council Standing Committees shall:

  • Be responsible to the Provincial Council and shall report as required.
  • Forward policy recommendations to the Provincial Council for sanction.
  • Submit to the union membership, through Convention, an annual report of the work of the committee, including any observations or recommendations pertaining to the committee’s work that its members deem necessary.
  • Manage their budgets as approved by Convention.
  • Respond to members in a timely fashion with respect to concerns raised to the committee.
  • Review and revise policies annually and bring same forward to Provincial Council for sanction.
  • Report in writing to each Provincial Council meeting via their Provincial Council representative.
  • Forward resolutions, restricted to their respective mandates, to convention for sanction through the Provincial Council.
  • Elect its chairperson from amongst its members on an annual basis at the first meeting following convention.

For more information on the Standing Committees see Article 6.10 of the SGEU Constitution


Administration Committee

The Administration Committee is charged with acting on behalf of Provincial Council in the administration of the union business and office operations when Provincial Council is not in session.

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Anti-Privatization Committee

The Anti-Privatization Committee assists sectors and bargaining units in preventing the privatization and contracting out of the work of SGEU bargaining units.

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Education Learning & Development Committee

The Education Learning & Development Committee is responsible for the education of  members in the principles, policies and practices of the union, and provides training courses through the Education Officer of SGEU for all elected members.

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Health and Welfare Trust

The Health and Welfare Trust Committee supervises the Health and Welfare Trust Plan, as determined by the plan text and the SGEU Constitution.

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Human Rights and Equity Committee

The Human Rights and Equity Committee is responsible for all matters related to equity issues and international, national and local solidarity work; and promotes equity in employment and within the structure of SGEU.

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Indigenous Committee

The Indigenous Committee supports and advocates for First Nations, Inuit and Metis (FNIM) SGEU members in the workplace; works to ensure the emotional, mental and physical well-being of FNIM SGEU members; and  represents the interests of FNIM SGEU members.

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Long-Term Disability Supervisory Committee

The Long-Term Disability (LTD) Supervisory Committee acts as Trustees in the supervision of the LTD Plan, as determined by the LTD Plan Text and the SGEU Constitution.

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Membership, Constitution and Legislation Committee

The Membership, Constitution and Legislation Committee deals with all questions related to the SGEU Constitution, provides an annual report to the SGEU Convention with a full accounting of decisions and transactions under its authority while maintaining confidentiality, and considers matter of legislation as brought forward by the membership.

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Occupational Health and Safety Committee

The Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Committee assists the SGEU bargaining units in the negotiation of effective contract clauses and acts as a resource in lobbying for more effective legislation regarding OH&S issues.

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Provincial Grievance Appeals Committee

The Provincial Grievance Appeals Committee develops and maintains policies for the handling of grievances that are appropriate for all sectors and bargaining units and acts as an appeal body for members who disagree with the outcome, process or decision of the bargaining unit/sector.

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Women's Committee

The Women's Committee promotes and educates on all issues affecting women members, encourages women to participate more fully in union activities, and advocates and assists women in SGEU in achieving and maintaining their rights.

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