Long-term Disability Plan

SGEU Long-term Disability Plan

The SGEU Long-term Disability (LTD) Plan is one of the best plans in Saskatchewan. Disability benefits are 80% of net pre-disability salary and are non-taxable. The SGEU LTD Plan is owned and operated by the SGEU membership and managed by a committee of elected SGEU members.

SGEU members have access to two levels of appeal if their claim is declined or otherwise terminated. Once on LTD, they have access to a claimant advocate who provides guidance and assistance in navigating the plan. In-house vocational rehabilitation counseling is also available.

SGEU bargaining units vote to join the plan as a group. To find out if your bargaining unit belongs to the SGEU LTD Plan, or to find out how to join, contact us.

LTD Plan Guide

The LTD Plan Guide contains information on eligibility for benefits, who to contact for help, steps to follow if you are injured, a summary of benefits and entitlements, answers to frequently asked questions and more.

Download the SGEU LTD Plan Guide

Stewards can help members understand key facts about LTD and play a role when members return to work. Check out the fact sheets below.

LTD Plan Text

The LTD Plan Text is the overall governing document for the SGEU Long-term Disability Plan. The plan text sets out the rules governing the plan including; member priemiums, rights and responsibilities of all parties, terms of membership in the plan and more.

The plan text is ammended and approved each year at the SGEU Annual Convention.


Previous Years LTD Plan Text

Applying for LTD

If you become injured or develop an illness that completely prevents you from working:

  1. Do not resign from your job.
    If you resign:
    • Your job will no longer be held for you;
    • Your employer has no further obligation to you;
    • SGEU has no further obligation to you;
    • The SGEU Long-term Disability Plan has no further obligation to you; and
    • All entitlements, including pension contributions, will cease at the time of your resignation.
  2. Obtain a medical certificate for your employer to support your inability to work.
  3. Use all sick leave credits that you are entitled to access.
  4. Apply for a definite leave of absence through your employer and ask the employer what documentation may be required for this to be approved.
  5. Complete and submit the application for long-term disability and include any relevant medical documentation to support your claim. Sometimes medical professionals do not submit medical information in a timely manner, so keep checking with them to ensure it is done. The application must be received by the long-term disability plan no later than 1 year from the date of your disability.
  6. You may be asked to apply for Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits if you suffer from a severe and prolonged disability. Also, entitlements may be available for your children who are under 18 years of age.
  7. If your injury is work-related, you must apply for Workers’ Compensation benefits.
  8. If you are injured in an automobile accident, you should apply for SGI benefits.
  9. If you no longer have sick leave credits available, you should apply for Employment Insurance Sick Leave Benefits (not regular EI benefits).

  10. Contact SGEU’s LTD Plan office in Regina if you have any questions.

Complete LTD Application Kit

Download the Complete LTD Application Kit

Individual Forms

How to Join the SGEU LTD Plan

SGEU bargaining units vote to join the plan as a group. To find out if your bargaining unit belongs to the SGEU LTD Plan, or to find out how to join, contact:

Shanna Ramm
Director, SGEU Disability Management Services