Membership, Constitution and Legislation Committee

Our Mission and Vision

The Membership, Constitution and Legislation Committee shall:

  • Ensure the Regional Council/Sector/Local Bylaws and Bargaining Unit Guidelines, or proposed amendments as set out in Article 7.3 of the SGEU Constitution, do not contravene this Constitution.
  • Consider such matters of legislation as referred by the membership. Deal with all questions relating to this Constitution.
  • Deal with matters related to Regional Councils/Sectors/Locals, their establishment, organization and function.
  • Deal with internal disputes, complaints about elected officials or members within the Union dealing with specific union matters, as well as alleged violations under the Constitution, Code of Ethics, Policy Manual, Statement of Equality, bylaws and bargaining guidelines of the Union.

The Annual Report of the Membership, Constitution and Legislation Committee to the Annual Convention shall contain a full accounting of all decisions and transactions under it's authority while maintaining the commitment to confidentiality.

Committee Members

Sharon Friess, Retail & Regulatory, Chair
Mac Trost, Public Service
Deron Staffen, Crown
Mona Laurans, Health
Marney Robinson, Education
Whitney Kujansuu, Community Service
Kim Picot, HR/E
Joanna Woode, Community Service