Financial Accountability Hotline


What is it?

The Financial Accountability Hotline is a tool to help ensure our union's financial operations are open, transparent and accountable. The hotline is a free service offered to us through Meyers Norris Penney (MNP) and will be a useful tool for SGEU to provide an additional layer of protection for our members.

What is it for?

The hotline will deal only with financial issues related to union spending. It is a confidential, user-friendly mechanism for members to report concerns about potential financial irregularities within their local, sector, bargaining unit or union-wide.

Other issues,such as workplace concerns, errors on your paycheque, unfair treatment by your employer, etc.), should continue to be dealt with in the usual manner through your supervisor, steward, or a labour relations officer.

Why do we need it?

Hotlines like this are becoming an industry standard that incorporates best practices to help safeguard an organization's assets. As a labour union, SGEU is funded via dues paid by each member, and it is important to us that you are confident that our union's financial operations are being handled responsibly.

How does it work?

Members can report concerns through a web portal, by telephone, text, email or fax. Trained staff from Meyers Norris Penney (MNP) will receive and investigate all concerns, and will then bring the information and an action plan to the appropriate SGEU officials or staff.

How do I report a concern?

You can access the Financial Accountability Hotline as follows:

Web portal
Submit a concern online
Email (English)      
Toll-free telephone    1-866-529-9589  Text                                1-587-435-9589 
Fax                                   1-403-269-8450    

SGEU Financial Policies and Procedures