Long-Term Disability Supervisory Committee

Our Mission and Vision

The Long-Term Disability (LTD) Supervisory Committee shall*:

  • Act as Trustees in the supervision of the LTD Plan, as determined by the LTD Plan Text and the SGEU Constitution.

*As outlined in the Article 6.10.10 in the SGEU Constitution

The SGEU Long-Term Disability Plan is one of the best plans in Saskatchewan and is owned and operated by the SGEU membership and managed by a committee of elected SGEU members. Members of the LTD Supervisory Committee also serve as the LTD Appeals Committee.

For more information, visit our LTD Plan page.

Table Officers (Executive)

Chairperson: Wendy Simonson, Health Sector
1st Vice-chair: Lovyl Zweifel, Public Service Sector
2nd Vice-chair: Steven Lavallee, Crown Sector
3rd Vice-chair: Carol Yuzik, Public Service Sector


Anne Basaraba-Pedersen, Health Sector
Brenda Beaudry, Community Services Sector
Diane Beauleiu, Public Service Sector
Carolyn Burnett, Community Services Sector
Muna DeCiman, Public Service Sector
Michael Douglas, Public Service Sector
Bill Harries, Public Service Sector
Lisa Jardine, Crown Sector
Jackie Krasko, Public Service Sector
Steve Lavallee, Crown Sector
Jackie McChesney, Health Sector
Shawn Riabko, Public Service Sector
Marney Robinson, Education Sector
Wendy Simonson, Health Sector
Roberta Straub, Public Service Sector
Patricia Taillon, Crown Sector
Susan Wasnik, Retail Regulatory Sector
Patty Weber, Retail Regulatory Sector
Brent Wilderman, Education Sector
Carol Yuzik, Public Service Sector
Lovyl Zweifel, Public Service Sector