Human Rights/Equity Committee

HRE Committee logoOur Mission and Vision

The Human Rights and Equity Committee is responsible for all matters related to equity issues and international, national and local solidarity work; and promotes equity in employment and within the structure of SGEU.

The Human Rights/Equity Committee shall*:

  • Be responsible for all matters related to human rights and equity issues and international, national and local solidarity work.
  • Encourage elected members and stewards with disabilities to self-identify to the union and indicate what, if any, accommodation they need to assist them in performing their elected duties.
  • The Human Rights Equity Standing Committee shall have a youth representative. The youth representative of the Equity Committee shall represent SGEU at Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Young Workers Committee meetings. The representative is resonsible to report back to the committee which should be reflected in the minutes.
  • Work within the union to build solidarity with equity-seeking members, all levels of the union structure in order to achieve and maintain their rights within SGEU and in society at large.
  • Promote awareness and information regarding equity issues both internally and externally, through union publications and by other means by networking with outside equity groups.
  • Work to build and maintain solidarity with internal and external Human Rights and Equity groups and organizations.
  • Support the Indigenous Committee's efforts to work on racism issues.
  • In conjunction with the Indigenous Committee organize and host a Biennial Equity Conference in even-numbered years. The Human Rights/Equity Conference may be used to deliver steward and other training to ensure a representative steward body.
  • Sponsor and support programs such as conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. pertaining to issues of equity-seeking groups.
  • Promote awareness to all SGEU bargaining units in order to negotiate pay equity at their bargaining tables.
  • The Human Rights/Equity Committe shall use their donation budget for donations dealing with human rights and equity concerns. Donations will be dealt with on a priority basis as follows: provincial, national and international. The donation budget will be divided equally between the equity groups and the representative for that equity group will decide to whom the donation is made.

*As outlined in the Article 6.10.10 in the SGEU Constitution

Committee Members

Muna De Ciman, Human Rights (Female) – Chair
Yusuf Amed, Visible Minorities
Tyler Bollinger, Human Rights (Male)
Jill Kennedy, Solidarity & Pride
Beatrice Fecke, Provincial Council
Hali Topinka, Aboriginal / Indigenous
Leanna Bill, Youth
Shawna Doucette, Women's
Whitney Kujansuu, Persons w/ Disabilities