Administration Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

The Administration Committee is made up of the President, the Vice-President of each Sector, the NUPGE Vice-president, the SFL Vice-President and the SGEU Secretary Treasurer.

The Administration Committee is charged with acting on behalf of Provincial Council in the administration of the Union business and office operations when Provincial Council is not in session. Such responsibilities include manging the approved budget, development and implimentation of Union-wide campaigns on current issues, manging matters that arise as a result of our affiliation with other labour organizations such as SFL, CLC and NUPGE, matters involving the SGEU staff and USW 9841, review fiscal policy and various other operational items. The Administration committee is required to provide reports on it's activity to Provincial Council during their regular meetings.

For full information on the duties and responsibilities of the Administration Committee you can see Article 6.10 of the SGEU Constitution.


SGEU Executive / Administration Committee

Name Position Contact
Bob Bymoen President E:
P: (306) 775.7219
TF: 1.800.667.5221, Ext. 219
F: (306) 522.1250
Roseann Strelezki Secretary Treasurer E:
P: 306.775.7850
TF: 1.800.667.5221, Ext 850
F: 306.522.1250
Sean Bradley Vice-President, Public Service Sector E:
P: (306) 501-2020
TF: 1-800-667-5221, Ext 202
Steven Lavallee Vice-President, Crown Sector E:
P: (306) 787.7634
Tracey Sauer Vice-President, Health Sector E:
P: (306) 752.1777
Marney Robinson Vice-President, Education Sector E:
P: 306.445.2285
Darryl Firth Vice-President, Community Service Sector E:
Bob Stadnichuk Vice-President, Retail Regulatory E:
Tracey Sauer Vice-President, NUPGE E:
Sheena Yew Vice-President SFL E: