Public Service Sector

Public Service Sector

SGEU members of the Public Service Sector work in government ministries and agencies, and some private organizations, such as PRT Growing Services; Livestock Services of Saskatchewan; Sask Milk; Saskatchewan Wildlife Asset Management; or eHealth. With 11,000+ members the Public Service makes up the single largest sector of SGEU members.

Bi-Annual General Meeting will be held in May 2024

Mailing address

SGEU – Public Service Sector
1011 Devonshire Drive North
Regina, sk S4X 2X4

Sector Executive

Lori Bossaer, Vice-President
Corey McCafferty, Vice-Chair
Carol Yuzik, 2nd Vice-Chair and Secretary
Jackie Krasko, Executive Treasurer
Heather Campbell, Member-at-Large
Denise Fields, Member-at-Large
Susan Grant, Member-at-Large
Christine Rusnak, Member-at-Large

Sector Bylaws

Public Service Sector Bylaws (revised October 11, 2022)

Bargaining Guidelines

eHealth (2016)

Livestock Services of Saskatchewan Corporation (2022)

PRT Growing Services (2021)

PS/GE Bargaining Guidelines (2022)

Saskatchewan Wildlife Asset Management (2019)

Bargaining Units

  • eHealth
  • Livestock Services of Saskatchewan
  • PRT Growing Services Ltd.
  • Public Service/Government Employees (PS/GE)
  • Saskatchewan Wildlife Asset Management
  • Valley Hill Youth Treatment

Sector Employers

  • eHealth Saskatchewan
  • Livestock Services of Saskatchewan Corporation
  • Pacific Regeneration Technologies
  • Public Service/Government Employment
  • Saskatchewan Wildlife Asset Management Inc. (SWAM)
  • Sask Milk
  • Valley Hill Youth Treatment Centre

SGEU's Charter Challenge of Provisions in Part VII of the Saskatchewan Employment Act

In 2008, the Wall Government enacted the Public Service Essential Services Act. This legislation allowed a public sector employer to designate certain employees as essential thus preventing them from going on strike. Moreover, the Act did not provide a meaningful alternative to the right to strike. There was no process of interest arbitration to settle the terms and conditions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement through a hearing in front of an impartial board of arbitration.

SGEU filed a lawsuit. In the lawsuit, SGEU has filed its Statement of Claim and the Government has filed a Statement of Defense. The parties are proceeding through the formal steps of the litigation process. We expect the trial will take place in late 2023 or more likely 2024.

Read the full document


Sector District Boundaries Map  


PSGE Local Map of Saskatchewan


PS/GE Locals 1101-1122 

1101 Regina
Local 1101 information
1108 Swift Current
Local 1108 information
1115 Yorkton
Local 1115 information
1102 Saskatoon
Local 1102 information
1109 Humboldt
Local 1109 information
1119 Meadow Lake
Local 1119 information
1103 Battlefords
Local 1103 information
1110 Moose Jaw
Local 1110 information
1120 Estevan
Local 1120 information
1104 Weyburn
Local 1104 information
1111 Rosetown
Local 1111 information
1121 La Ronge/ Missinipe
Local 1121 information
1105 Prince Albert
Local 1105 information
1112 Nipawin/Tisdale
Local 1112 information
1122 Buffalo Narrows
Local 1122 information
1107 Hudson Bay
Local 1107 information
1114 Melfort
Local 1114 information


Public Service Locals

[Introduction to the local strucure?]

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