Local 1119 - Meadow Lake

Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Paul Austring

Local 1119 Meadow Lake

Mailing Address

Box 1894 Stn Main, Meadow Lake SK  S9X 1Z3
Phone:  (306) 236.7540; Fax:  (306) 236.7679

Upcoming Events:

Please check the Events Calendar for information about upcoming activities.

Local Executive

Chair:  Devon Kelly
Vice Chairperson:  Judy Larson
Secretary:  Corinne Pennell
Treasurer:  Tyler Pouteaux

Committees and Chairs

Branch Affairs: Judy Larson
Good & Welfare: Jacqui Hankey
Recreation: Judy Larson

PS/GE Bargaining Council Representative

Tyler Pouteaux – 306.288.7307

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