Affiliate Organizations

SGEU is a strong advocate for workers in our province. Through our affiliations, we amplify our voice and reach to create ripples of positive change across our country and worldwide.

Local Affiliations

Moose Jaw Labour Council

Regina & District Labour Council

The Regina & District Labour Council est. 1906 is the central body of labour for the city of Regina and a surrounding area of 30 kilometres. This includes the communities of Lumsden to the north, Balgonie to the east, and Pense to the west. The council is chartered by the Canadian Labour Congress and consists of organizations affiliated to or chartered by the Congress.

The Regina & District Labour Council represents over 30,000 affiliated members from 17 unions.

Saskatoon and District Labour Council

The mission statement of the Saskatoon and District Labour Council (SDLC) is: Through collective action of unionized workers, SDLC advocates for social justice and fairness in our community.

The Saskatoon and District Labour Council strives for:
    •    A community that is vibrant, trusting and respectful
    •    An environment that is sustainable, healthy and safe
    •    A world that is inclusive, engaged and equitable

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Weyburn Labour Council

Provincial Affiliation

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) represents over 100,000 members, from 37 national and international unions. Our affiliate membership belongs to over 500 locals across Saskatchewan and represents dozens of communities. We strive to improve working people's lives throughout the province, whether organized or unorganized, and regardless of affiliation to the Federation. The SFL serves as Saskatchewan's "voice of working people" in speaking on local, provincial, national, and even international issues. We support the principles of social unionism and struggle for social and economic justice for all.

Just some of the issues on which the Federation continues to provide advocacy include occupational health and safety, pensions, labour standards, the minimum wage, equal pay for women, and childcare. Of course, the SFL also plays a role on the national and international stage, participating in the debate on such issues as human rights, poverty, medicare, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, and homophobia, to name a few.

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National Affiliations

Canadian Labour Congress

The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) is the largest labour organization in Canada, bringing together dozens of national and international unions, provincial and territorial federations of labour and community-based labour councils to represent more than 3 million workers across the country.

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National Union of Public and General Employees

Most of our 425,000 members work to deliver public services of every kind to the citizens of their home provinces. We also have a large and growing number of members who work for private businesses.

Our mission as a national union is to:

  • monitor provincial and federal labour laws and developments
  • analyse restructuring of social programs and public services
  • report on and contribute to legislation affecting the workplace
  • give our members a national presence through participation in the Canadian Labour Congress and internationally through Public Services International
  • develop and share successful bargaining strategies with our component union
  • contribute to a national framework of services and solidarity to benefit all Canadian workers

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International Affiliations

International Trade Union Confederation

The ITUC’s primary mission is the promotion and defence of workers’ rights and interests, through international cooperation between trade unions, global campaigning and advocacy within the major global institutions.

Its main areas of activity include the following: trade union and human rights; economy, society and the workplace; equality and non-discrimination; and international solidarity.

The ITUC adheres to the principles of trade union democracy and independence. It is governed by four-yearly world congresses, a General Council and an Executive Bureau.

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Public Service International

Public Services International is part of the original movement of Internationals: united groups of socialists, trade unionists and workers created to link the struggles of the working class around the world.

Since our founding Congress in 1907, PSI has grown into a truly global organization, with regional offices on every continent. From our Head Office in Ferney Voltaire, France (on the border with Geneva, Switzerland), our team continues this legacy.

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