Provincial Council

Table Officers & Vice Presidents

Name Position Contact
Tracey Sauer President E:
P: (306).775.7230
TF: 1.800.667.5221 Ext 230
F: (306).522.1250
Diane Ralph 1st Vice President E:
P: (306).775.7850
TF: 1.800.667.5221Ext 850
F: (306).522.1250
Hali Topinka Indigenous Vice President E:
P: (306).531.4252
Sheena Yew Vice President, SFL E:
Mark Wells Vice President, NUPGE E:
Lori Bossaer Public Service VP E:
P: (306).441.4601
Steven Lavallee Crown Sector VP E:
P: (306).787.7634
Sharri Laczko A/Health Sector VP E:
Marney Robinson Education Sector VP E:
Darryl Firth Community Services Sector VP E:
Bob Stadnichuk Retail Regulatory VP E:

Public Service Sector

Name Position Contact
Barry Nowoselsky PSGE Negotiating Committee Chair
Lori Bossaer Public Service Vice President
George McLeod Negotiating Committee
Devin Deck Bargaining Council
Robert Cossette Local 1101
Muna De Ciman Local 1101
Merv Braniff Local 1101
Crystal Bubley Local 1101
Angelique Hortness Local 1101
Andrea Schad Local 1101
Jyl Targerson Local 1102
Mark Wells Local 1102
Jeff Harvey Local 1102
Lovyl Zweifel Local 1103
Alan Erickson Local 1104
Leanne Hamilton Local 1105
Carol Yuzik Local 1105
Corey Linfit Local 1105
Earl Cook Local 1107
James Tillie Local 1109
Ed Hildebrand Local 1110
Verne Larson Loca l 1111
Sherry Magera Local 1115
Taylor Sanderson Local 1120
Vacant Local 1121
Tricia Piche Local 1122
Jennifer Warriner Local 1120

Crown Sector

Name Position Contact
Steven LaVallee Sector Vice President
Sabrina Cataldo Local 2288 - Saskatchewan Arts Board
Melinda Squires Local 2214 - Information Services Corporation
Kim Weichel Local 2180 - Workers Compensation Board

Health Sector

Name Position Contact
Sharri Laczko A/Sector Vice President
Wendy Simonson
Tammy Brown
Genny Goodyear
Beatrice Fecke
Sandra Martin

Education Sector

Name Position Contact
Debbie Zawada-Wiebe
Amro Khalil
Lynette Gerski
Marney Robinson Sector Vice President

Community Services Sector

Name Position Contact
Brenda Beaudry Local 5133 - CMHA (Saskatoon)
Darryl Firth Sector Vice President
Carolyn Burnett 5133 CMHA Saskatoon Branch

Retail Regulatory Sector

Name Position Contact
Susan Wasnik Local 6080 - Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority
Bob Stadnichuk Local 6080 - Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority
Ralph Rathgeber Local 6080 - Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority