Sectors & Locals

Where do I fit in SGEU?

SGEU members are grouped together into different bargaining units. A bargaining unit is comprised of workers who are under the same collective agreement (union contract). In most cases, the name of your bargaining unit is the same as the name of your workplace. Bargaining units range in size from a few to 10,000 employees.

Bargaining units are grouped into sectors that reflect the main type of workplace they belong to. For example, the Health Sector is comprised of bargaining units in the health care field. Sectors work together to develop common goals and bargaining guidelines.

The Public Service bargaining unit is also made up of locals, based on geographic location. It is helpful to know your unit, sector, or local when you are applying for union services and activities, such as scholarships or the opportunity to attend conferences — in many cases you will be sponsored by these bodies, rather than our union as a whole.


Public Service Sector

Members of the Public service sector work in direct government ministries and agencies such as PRT Growing Services; Livestock Services of Saskatchewan; Sask Milk; Saskatchewan Wildlife Asset Management; and eHealth. With approximately 10,000+ members and 18 locals the Public Service makes up the single largest component of SGEU members.

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Crown Sector

Members work for Crown corporations and agencies such as the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Workers' Compensation Board, and local Housing Authorities.

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Health Sector

Members work for the Saskatchewan Health Authority in northern and central Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, JT Ambulance.

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Education Sector

Members work at the different campuses of Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the province’s regional colleges, Gabriel Dumont Institute, and the Regina Public Board of Education.

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Community Services Sector

Members work in community-based organizations that provide social services, such as women’s shelters, group homes, and mobile crisis. This sector also includes members who work for a number of northern municipalities.

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Retail Regulatory Sector

Members work for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

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