Shift Work

Shift Work - Find the Balance

Having trouble coping with shift work and it's effect on your life? Working shift work, whether it be evening, overnight or a rotation can be hard on a person physically, mentally and their relationships with friends and family. We have put together this resource to help members improve their health, relieve stress, reengage with members of their family and help you adapt to working outside of regular hours.

In this short tutorial each section addresses a different concern: sleep habits, family and community ties, diet and nutrition, exercise / stress and time management. We hope you find these tips are helpful in helping you find the right balance.

Content developed by Shift Worker Committee members: Bonnie McRae - Public Service Sector • Sherry Hanson – Health Sector • Michael Henselmann - Crown Sector
Louise Pederson – Education Sector • Darlene Gordon – SLGA • Arlette Hincks – Community Services Sector • Dallas Kracher – Equity • Cory Hendricks – Staff