All Together Now! for Tax Fairness

Saskatchewan is the last leg of the cross-Canada NUPGE All Together Now! Fairness Express bus tour that is reaching out to locals to hear their stories about how income inequality and tax fairness impacts their lives. Visit to read the bus blog, view photos and check out the calendar to see where our SGEU crew will be with the bus each day. Also follow along on the NUPGE All Together Now! and SGEU Facebook pages.

Let's keep liquor sales public - so we all benefit

Government has been turning more and more of Saskatchewan’s public liquor sales over to private companies, and is now suggesting we privatize all of the province’s liquor stores.

Join our campaign to keep liquor sales in public hands.  Look for our TV ad ‘A whole lot more’ on air over the next few weeks (click play to watch it below). Find out more about the campaign and send a message to your MLA at

A whole lot more


Fostering Acceptance of Indigenous Rights (FAIR) 

The SGEU FAIR Committee is selling April 2014 to March 2015 calendars featuring the beautiful artwork of youth who participated in their logo contest.  The calendars are available for purchase at the SGEU offices for $10.  Alternatively, contact srosie19 [at] sasktel [dot] net (Sharon Rose) or sheena [dot] yew24 [at] gmail [dot] com (Sheena Yew).