Indigenous Storytelling Month

February marks Indigenous Storytelling Month, a time when Indigenous culture and knowledge are beautifully conveyed through traditional stories. It’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse ourselves in the rich heritage and narratives of Indigenous peoples, gaining unique perspectives and insights into their cultures and traditions.

To celebrate this year's Indigenous Storytelling Month, SGEU’s Indigenous Committee hosted “Thursday Tales” every week on Facebook that featured selected works by Indigenous writers. Your journey into the captivating world of Indigenous stories begins here.

Week 1

This Thursday, we’re proud to showcase works by Nancy Lafleaur, a former SGEU member and talented author. Explore the intriguing worlds of Confessions of a Coyote and Finding Lost, where Indigenous narratives come to life.

Week 2

We are honoured to share three powerful stories that shed light on different aspects of Indigenous experiences, past and present. During this week’s Thursday Tales, join us on a journey with Call Me Indian, a remarkable tale of resilience and achievement, Firewater, a poignant exploration of the impact of alcohol of not only on Indigenous communities but across the nation, and Clearing the Plains, a story that recounts how government policies led to the starvation of Indigenous peoples in the 19th century.

Week 3

This week’s Thursday Tales dives into the captivating world of Indigenous storytelling with The Orange Shirt Story, The Diamond Willow Walking Stick, Fiddle Dance and Manny’s Memories. These heartwarming kids’ books not only entertain but also teach valuable lessons about culture, resilience and the power of memories.

Week 4

This Thursday Tales, immerse yourself in profound Indigenous perspectives with works by Saskatchewan authors Jesse Rae Archibald-Barber and Blair Stonechild. Explore the themes of loss, knowledge seeking and the swift flow of voices in Kisikȃciwan: Indigenous Voices From Where the River Flows Swiftly, The Knowledge Seeker and Loss of Indigenous Eden.

Week 5

Embrace the rare energy of this leap year’s February 29! Today, as time takes a leap, let’s celebrate the end of Indigenous Storytelling Month with an open heart and a connection to the energies all around us. Indigenous ancestors found guidance not just in the sun and stars, but also in messages from the Universe in nature, animals, ocean tides and the wind. These traditions were passed on through the generations through oral and, more recently, written and digital storytelling.

Our final Thursday Tales invites you to embark on a literary journey through the profound narratives of Lisa Bird-Wilson, Sheldon Krasowski, Joseph Auguste Merasty and Michelle Good. Join us as we explore The Red Files, No Surrender, The Education of Augie Merasty and Five Little Indians.

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