An image compilation of workers in different settings.

Speak up Saskatchewan is a campaign brought to you by the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour.

Regular people keep Saskatchewan moving forward and help our communities thrive. 

But, for too long now, Saskatchewan families like yours have struggled to get ahead. Life is expensive. Jobs are harder to find. Yet, Scott Moe’s government has turned a blind eye to your needs and concerns - leaving many of us behind. We deserve better. 

You deserve a government that works to make your life better - leadership that makes regular people a priority. 

The good news is that we can change that: When we unite our voices as families, workers, and those who call this province home, we are stronger and can make a real difference.

We’re building a coalition of people across Saskatchewan speaking up for better jobs to pay the bills, for schools and hospitals we can rely on, and for a government that gets it.

Add your voice to the Speak up Saskatchewan campaign