As wildfires rage across the country, affecting communities in B.C. and the Northwest Territories, SGEU members continue to work on the frontlines.

Members of the Public Service Government Employment (PS/GE) bargaining unit employed by the Saskatchewan Public Service Agency have been dispatched to the Northwest Territories to assist in fighting the wildfires threatening the area.

SGEU would like to thank all firefighters who have been called to leave family and friends to protect our communities.

To displaced SGEU members fighting fires in the Northwest Territories, thank you.

To SGEU members continuing to fight fires here in Saskatchewan, thank you.

We recognize how difficult it must be to take up this demanding work far from home, and we commend your dedication to the safety of not just our province but communities across Canada.

Wherever your work takes you, know that your union is behind you.

Tracey Sauer, SGEU President (she/her)
Lori Bossaer, PS/GE Chair (she/her)