SGEU members are dedicated professionals who take pride in providing services and supporting Saskatchewan’s residents.

“The budget announced today is short on assistance to individuals and to families who have been struggling the last two years. While investing in key infrastructure projects and the economy will help, we also need a commitment to maintain strong public services delivered by government employees across the province,” said Tracey Sauer, President of SGEU.

“Too many people have had surgeries and diagnostic tests delayed, our seniors continue to suffer in short-staffed long-term care homes, and health care professionals are burning out. Our members have had to manage heavy workloads due to a lack of staffing, leading to increased stress and a lack of mental health supports at their disposal,” added Sauer.

“While we appreciate strategies to reduce surgical wait times and recruit and retain additional medical staff, we need the government to move quickly to ensure we have staff in place to provide additional services. Funding should not be going to private health care providers,” said Sauer.

“The government needs to continue to invest in the public healthcare system in Saskatchewan. And while we recognize spending increases in the areas of mental health and addictions, we ask for a commitment to more full-time permanent staff positions to provide those supports.”

SGEU asks the Government of Saskatchewan for a commitment to maintain strong public services delivered by public service employees across the province and to continue to invest in critical staffing within the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Services and other areas where vulnerable people in our province receive care.

“It’s time for the government to listen to and address the needs of all Saskatchewan people,” Sauer said. “A bright future is possible with true government leadership, collaboration and collective action, because we are stronger together.”


For Further Information:

Stephanie Campbell
Communications Officer