Over the past few weeks, many Saskatchewan residents, including hundreds of SGEU members, have been affected by the more than 20 wildfires raging in our province. For people in northern communities, this has meant a complete disruption to their daily lives and has led to evacuation for some, with no known return date.  

More than 500 SGEU Public Service Government Employment (PS/GE) Bargaining Unit members who are employed by the Saskatchewan Public Service Agency are on the ground, tirelessly working to help control the fires and create safe conditions for people to return home.  

Thank you to the firefighting SGEU members for your many hours of hard and exhausting work, and to those who have risked their own safety to restore a safe environment for everyone in our province. You embody what we stand for—a union that is working together for the people of Saskatchewan. 

Thank you to everyone who is supporting the firefighters and the people who are affected.  

People rallying together in a time of need is part of the fabric of our province; always has been, always will. 

Tracey Sauer, SGEU President (she/her) 
Lori Bossaer, PS/GE Chair (she/her)