Donation will help ensure children have full stomachs so they can focus on their studies
The Saskatchewan Government & General Employees’ Union (SGEU) has contributed over $3,000 to Hector Thiboutot Community School in Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan, to financially support their snack program. The village of Sandy Bay, located approximately 190 km northwest of Creighton, has no grocery store of its own, and many students rely on the school’s snack program to provide them with nutritious food.
“SGEU members understand that many families struggle to put food on the table, especially in northern communities,” said Tracey Sauer, President of SGEU. “One of our union’s constitutional values is learning and we feel it’s important that we contribute to programs that help equip students with what they need to learn.”
Nathan Ray, principal of Hector Thiboutot, thanked SGEU for their generous gift, which will help school staff stock their program with fresh fruit, vegetables and snacks from Prince Albert. With approximately 500 students registered, Ray says that the snack program supports school performance by eliminating barriers to education.
“It’s nice to see that an organization like SGEU recognizes the struggle we face in our community,” Ray said. We can’t thank them enough. Partnerships like this demonstrate the impact we can make when we work together to address hunger in our communities.”
According to school staff, the community of Sandy Bay has a high rate of diabetes, and a number of children need to take insulin on a regular basis. Since there is no grocery store in the community, it can be challenging for families to access the fresh fruits and vegetables required for a healthy diet. With inflation rates rising and poverty at an all-time high throughout the community, families are struggling to make ends meet.
“It brings me joy to know that our union is doing its part to help those in need,” Sauer added. “We want to make Saskatchewan a better place, not just for our members, but for everyone. I encourage all those who are able, to donate to northern communities. No child should ever go hungry.”
This donation comes after SGEU Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) members spearheaded a campaign to support school meal programs in Northern Saskatchewan. SGEU sectors across Saskatchewan donated a total of $11,980.47, providing $3,993.49 toward student meal programs in La Ronge’s Pre-Cam Community School, Twins Lakes Community School in Buffalo Narrows and Ducharme Elementary in La Loche.


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