The SGEU Anti-Privatization Committee assists sectors and bargaining units in preventing and reversing privatization, highlights the benefits of public services, and educates the membership on the negative consequences of privatization. 

A photo of Anti-Privatization Committee members.

What made you decide to get involved with the anti-privatization committee?

Public services are for the people, not for the profit of private companies. 

Jeff Sedor, Chair 
Crown Sector

The reasons corporations exist is to generate profit. The reason public services exist is to provide a service. Public services and assets belong to and should be accessible to everyone in Saskatchewan. They should not be a political pawn used for a quick buck or pressure tactic.  

This committee identifies the many ways government attempts to shirk its public responsibility, educates members on the negative outcomes of privatization on Saskatchewan people, and gathers support to stop and reverse privatization.

Bea Fecke
Human Rights and Equity Committee

Because I believe in protecting our Crowns and public services and the value they provide to our communities. 

Corey Hupp
Retail Regulatory Sector

I decided to get involved with the committee to learn more about privatization and its impacts and how this committee could help educate and maintain public services. 

Lorena Urquiza
Community Services Sector 

I decided to get involved after watching how the province has been impacted by privatization over the decades. 

Micheal Wade
Education Sector

I decided to get involved to help make people aware of privatization and the harm it is doing to our province, our communities, our workplaces, and to us individually. I believe in equality for all, and privatization usually benefits a few, while many suffer the consequences.