The Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ Union (SGEU) is launching a new awareness campaign on Monday, September 25 to raise awareness around the value of Saskatchewan’s public services and the work their members do.

SGEU President Tracey Sauer is proud of the work and services that SGEU members provide for the people of Saskatchewan.

“Many people are not aware of the critical hands-on services that our members provide,” says Sauer. “We want to showcase the many ways that members help people in our communities and make our communities and our province a better place to live.” SGEU worked with Regina’s Play Creative to coordinate photo and video-shoots with members employed at the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan, the Ministry of Highways, the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission, and the Saskatchewan Mental Health Association.

An SGEU member stands in the Provincial Archives.
SGEU member Marcella Loucks poses inside the
Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan for the new awareness campaign.

Through television and digital advertisements, the campaign highlights the meaningful and impactful work of SGEU members and the vital services they provide to the people of Saskatchewan.

“There are lots of things that bring us together in Saskatchewan. Things we share. Things we protect. And our public services are one of them. Let’s help make sure they’re there for us when we need them most,” reads the voiceover, accompanied by footage of SGEU members at work.

One such member is Marcella Loucks, an Archival Clerk with the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan. Loucks said she’s proud of the work she does, and that she was happy to be involved in the campaign. “I think this is a great opportunity to feature the Provincial Archives. Oftentimes we are overlooked in the work that we do. So, it’s nice to be one of the faces of the union.”

The launch of this campaign is set to kick off President Sauer’s second annual tour of several SGEU workplaces. Following the success of last year's Northern Saskatchewan tour, Sauer and other elected members will be visiting the eastern parts of the province during the first week of October to meet with SGEU members. Visiting communities and spending time together with members is key to President Sauer’s goal of being the strongest advocate possible for better working conditions.

“SGEU is truly a grassroots organization that has grown over the last century. This union was built by Saskatchewan people, and I think it’s crucial to the future of SGEU for the union’s leaders to stay connected to our roots, which is why this upcoming tour is so important to me,” said Sauer.

“It all comes back to us serving the interests of our members and all working people who live, work and raise their families in diverse communities across Saskatchewan.” 

The SGEU president’s tour will provide an opportunity to meet with SGEU members, hear about the important work they do, learn how SGEU can support them, connect with employers, and tour workplaces and communities.

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For more information, contact:

Brent Hill
SGEU Communications Officer
(306) 535-8617

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SGEU member Marcella Loucks poses inside the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan for the new awareness campaign.