Dear members,

June 27 is Multiculturalism Day, a day for celebrating diversity in our communities and our union. SGEU and its Human Rights and Equity Committee are committed to embracing the differences within our membership and working towards more equitable working environments for everyone. 

It’s no secret that with diversity comes strength – and that rings true when it comes to our union, where our motto is “Working Together for Saskatchewan.” Throughout the pandemic, working people from diverse backgrounds and cultures came together, despite their differences, to help each other get through such a difficult time.

But there is much work left to do.

Sadly, racism is still prevalent in our communities. Each one of us needs to stand up for one another and eliminate the hateful and violent acts of discrimination that occur every day.

Our country and our province are built upon different races, religions, and cultural practices – which are expanding and enriching our lives. Multiculturalism Day gives all of us an opportunity to reflect on our values, learn more about other cultures and examine our actions when it comes to making everyone feel welcome in our communities and our workplaces.

We encourage everyone to take time to engage with and get to know your colleagues and neighbours whose cultural backgrounds are different from your own. Be inclusive and help newcomers feel like they belong. Their lives – and yours – will be so much richer because of it.

In solidarity,

Muna De Ciman
Chair, SGEU Human Rights and Equity Committee

Tracey Sauer
SGEU President