A Word from your President and your Union

SGEU is proud of the work that we have done on our path to truth and reconciliation. But there is still a significant amount of work left to do.

We must continue to educate ourselves and others in order to heal and move forward together. That includes learning about the lasting effects of colonial policies like the residential school system and unlearning harmful stereotypes, beliefs, and biases.

As members of a labour union, this work also involves taking action to advocate for meaningful changes that would improve the work and lives of Indigenous peoples.

SGEU continues to call on the provincial government to declare the Day of Truth and Reconciliation a statutory holiday; however, the government has still not made it a priority despite having more than two years to do so.

Declaring the Day for Truth and Reconciliation as a holiday would symbolize that Saskatchewan recognizes and honours the survivors and those who did not make it home from residential schools. Many jurisdictions and organizations have done so as a meaningful step toward reconciliation.

If you agree that workers should be able to observe this important day in their homes and communities, I encourage you to write to your MLA to share your thoughts.

I also invite you to take some time today to learn about and reflect on colonialism in Canada, to honour the victims and to commemorate the Survivors, their families and communities. If you have not already done so, please review the 94 Calls to Action by Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and find one action that you can commit to taking.

In solidarity,

Tracey Sauer's signature.

Tracey Sauer

SGEU President

I am honoured to work and live on Treaty 4 Territory and in the homeland of the Métis Nation. I am grateful for the opportunity to work and live here and I am committed to advancing truth and reconciliation.