A Word from your President and your Union

Day of Truth and Reconciliation is important to all Canadians. It brings awareness and provides recognition and understanding of the devastating impact of residential schools. We have been lobbying the provincial government to recognize this day in Saskatchewan and will continue to do so. 

It is extremely disappointing that the provincial government has not made it a priority to declare Day of Truth and Reconciliation a statutory holiday, despite having had more than a year to do so. Declaring Day of Truth and reconciliation as a holiday symbolizes that Saskatchewan recognizes and honours the survivors and those who did not make it home from residential schools. Many jurisdictions and organizations have done so as a meaningful step toward reconciliation.

As president, I am proud that several workplaces represented by SGEU already have language in their collective agreements with a provision that allows for an additional designated holiday if it is proclaimed by an act of parliament.

The provincial government should act as soon as possible to ensure all Saskatchewan residents are given this same opportunity. It should be a top priority to have the day declared provincially and begin working with Indigenous leaders, organizations, and communities on the reconciliation process.

As the union, it is our duty for our sectors to know the TRC’s 94 Calls to Action. It is essential that we educate ourselves so we can build a better province for everyone. 

Tracey Sauer's signature.

Tracey Sauer

SGEU President