This past year, Asian people in our communities and around the world have been the target of hateful rhetoric and violent attacks by racism emboldened by COVID-19. This pandemic has given those who were hiding their hate below the surface the opportunity to bring it into the open and act out against Asian people.

Last week’s mass shooting in Atlanta of nine people, including six women of Asian descent, has ignited protests across North America. SGEU unequivocally stands with Asian communities and their allies against the rising tide of hate and violence. We will not be silent. Racist violence and intolerance must stop.

Asian Canadians are members of our union and work in many fields across our province. Many are frontline workers whose efforts have helped us survive this pandemic. They are our teachers, nurses, community support workers, our colleagues, and our neighbours.

SGEU is calling on all of our members to stand in unity with the Asian community and call out injustice when you see it. We need to show our support and work together for more inclusive, accepting, and kind communities.

If you want to show your solidarity with Asian communities through this difficult time, here are three suggestions from the SGEU Human Rights & Equity Committee:

  1. Support Asian-owned businesses and restaurants in your community.
  2. Take a bystander intervention course so you have the tools to confront racism against Asian Canadians, like this one from Hollaback.
  3. Donate to an anti-racism organization or a local organization that provides legal aid to Asian Canadians.