Help us Save Saskatchewan's Fire Tower Observers

For generations, we’ve relied on Saskatchewan’s fire tower observers to keep a watchful eye out for northern wildfires.

But government is putting the safety of your family, your home and community at risk by replacing these dedicated and skilled workers with remote camera technology. Do you really want to have the safety of your home relying on unproven and unreliable technology?

Our Safety at Risk:

How safe will a video camera system be? Who knows?

  • No other province or territory in Canada is using video cameras for fire detection. Why should Saskatchewan families be asked to test technology that might not work - especially when so much is at stake?
  • What happens when a camera breaks down? What if it is down when a fire starts?
  • Will video monitors show the same detail that a person would see on site?
  • In cloudy conditions or in heavy smoke, will video monitors provide the same information as a trained, experienced set of human eyes would detect?
  • Will the reaction time be as swift?
  • Fire tower observers provide a communication link between fire crews and base headquarters during a fire. Who will do this important job if there are no fire tower observers left?

A Costly Proposition

The government has said that it will cost $1.5 million to install the video camera system. That’s a lot of money.

But what about ongoing maintenance? The plan is to locate the cameras on top of the existing fire towers. High tech equipment exposed to extreme weather conditions will need frequent maintenance. Who will provide this service?

And what will it cost? If technicians are regularly brought in by helicopter, the cost will skyrocket.

Jobs for Local People

Cutting jobs for local people doesn’t make sense. Fire tower observers are part of our northern communities. They live and work in the area. They spend money in local businesses, send their children to local schools, volunteer at community events. We want to keep our communities strong by keeping jobs here.