Liquor consultation should shed light on who benefits from privatization

The government’s recently-announced consultation on liquor privatization will help shed light on the question of who benefits if liquor sales are turned over to private companies, according to SGEU.

“There’s a lot at stake for Saskatchewan families and communities in this debate,” says Donna Christianson, chair of SGEU’s Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) negotiating committee.

Public liquor sales generated $252 million in net income for the province last year.  When profit from liquor sales stays in public hands, it helps fund services like health care, education, highways and long-term care homes.

“Saskatchewan people benefit when liquor sales are kept in public hands because profits are re-invested in our province and our people,” she says.

“We need to consider who wins and who loses if liquor profits are turned over to private businesses,” Christianson adds.  “Revenue from liquor sales should go back into local communities and help fund services that support families.  That money should not be siphoned off to swell the profits of wealthy business owners and corporate shareholders.”

For more information, contact:

Donna Christianson
Chair, SGEU SLGA negotiating commitee
(306) 527-4768

Susan Dusel
Communications Officer
(306) 775-7249 (bus)
(306) 520-5930 (cell)

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