Healthcare workers are integral to the overall healthcare team - September 19, 2014

SGEU has long believed premium healthcare is one of Saskatchewan’s founding values and all our province’s healthcare workers must be supported for their work in a collaborative measure on the frontlines day in and day out.

We feel the recent divisiveness between the integral services of both RNs and LPNs is both profoundly unfortunate, and altogether unnecessary.

Recently, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health has requested amendments to the Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses bylaws which would both formalize and recognize many of the skills LPNs currently do. Some examples of these skills include hands-on nursing care in hospitals, long-term care homes, home-care services, support in community health initiatives and many other services.

SGEU represents both LPNs and RNs, as well as a myriad of other healthcare workers in various units across the province. All of our members are fully supported by SGEU for their world-class provision of professional, competent health-care services. At SGEU, we are proud of Saskatchewan’s heritage of being the founder of the quality of public healthcare that continues to be envied the world over, and our history of support for our workers reflects our commitment to ensuring that legacy remains unthreatened, beginning at the front lines.

By amending these bylaws it should enhance the quality of care by recognizing the important role both RNs and LPNs play as integral parts of the overall healthcare team.

SGEU believes any opportunity to boost professional healthcare services by supporting and recognizing the professionalism and capabilities of our workers at the heart of excellence in care can only enhance health provisions across the province. We will be seeking out additional chances to collaborate with all organizations representing both LPNs and RNs across the province to continue the dialogue around making sure all of our healthcare workers are fully supported in their work.

Bob Bymoen,
SGEU President

Bonnie Erickson,
VP SGEU Health Sector