Curtial consultants not public service workers

Government should re-think the cost and efficiency of its use of private consultants instead of imposing a hiring freeze on public service jobs, according to SGEU.

The provincial auditor found that $120 million was spent on private consultants last year, a 228 per cent increase over six years, and, in a review of Ministry of Central Services, suggested that an extensive use of consultants is not an efficient use of public funds.

“Government should be curtailing its use of outside consultants, not limiting jobs of workers who deliver services to Saskatchewan people,” according to SGEU President Bob Bymoen.  “There is little transparency when private contractors are hired to perform public sector work.  Without adequate oversight, consulting costs can skyrocket, and there are few guarantees of the quality of the service delivered.”

A proposal to institute a hiring freeze on positions government deems ‘non-essential’ will likely lead to even more private consultants being hired.

“The work still needs to be done, so government will out-source to consultants and private contractors, costing Saskatchewan people more in the long run.  Using temporary employees from outside, often out-of-province companies, means fewer stable jobs that help keep Saskatchewan families and communities strong,” Bymoen added.

For more information contact:

For more information contact:

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SGEU President
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Communications Officer
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