SGEU is recognizing its members who serve as community youth workers, facility youth workers, probation officers, and correctional officers on Correctional Services Appreciation Day, which is proclaimed annually on May 7 by the Government of Saskatchewan.

“I would like to thank these members who go above and beyond every day to help uphold public safety,” said Verne Larson, Legal, Inspection and Regulatory chair of the Public Service/Government Employment (PS/GE) negotiating committee. “The work of these individuals is some of the toughest in the public service and has been especially challenging over the last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“These are essential workers who can’t work from home,” added Larson. “They have no choice but to report to work every day, not knowing if they will encounter someone with COVID-19. That puts staff at risk because of the very nature of their jobs, but it also jeopardizes the health and safety of their families.”

“The courage, sacrifice, and dedication shown by these frontline workers deserves our utmost respect,” said Larson. “They go the extra mile, often behind closed doors and far from the public view, to act as caregivers, counselors, first responders, guardians and more for some of society’s most disadvantaged and most dangerous.”

Correctional Services Appreciation Day was first proclaimed by the provincial government in 2019, to honour the hard work and commitment of those who serve in this capacity around the province. SGEU represents over 2400 members who work in correctional services.



For more information, contact:

Carolyn Rebeyka,

Communications Officer, SGEU