March 18, 2020

Budget Day statement from SGEU President Bob Bymoen

During this critical time, we need to recognize the collective importance of funding public services in our province. We are seeing the consequences of already underfunded critical institutions, programs, and services now being pushed to the breaking point.


Saskatchewan needs action and leadership from our government, not vague assurances that something is coming down the pipes. A worker worried about paying their rent, feeding their family, or caring for a loved one is not comforted by bickering over which level of government foots the bill. We need guaranteed, easily accessible paid sick leave now.


I ask the Premier and his Ministers to reflect on these extremely hard lessons in today’s financial update and to do the right thing. Fund public services, protect public employee jobs and recognize that we are stronger when we work together.



- 30 -


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Sally Housser

Communications Officer

306.775-7877 (office)

306.533.9697 (cell)