SGEU's provincial Anti-Privatization committee has launched several campaigns to defend our province's public services from being quietly sold off to private companies.

View the TV ad, "Don't Mess With Our Saskatchewan" and visit

Want to know more about the quiet selling off of our province's public services?  Click here

Click on the image above to view our televison ad on privatization and the link below for a related fact sheet.

Fact sheet on privatization

Privatization Experiments AD

"Privatization Experiments" highlights the pitfalls of privatization.

SGEU Anti-Privatization TV AD

SGEU has aired this ad as part of our campaign to promote the value of keeping public services public. The ad promotes the values of public ownership and working together - the Saskatchewan way.

Check out other SGEU TV ads on our YouTube Channel called, SGEUtube!

SGEU Privatization radio ad

Expose Privatization!

Have any services in your workplace been privatized or contracted out? Do you think that services in your workplace are being set up for privatization? If so, send us an email at with the details.

SGEU Documents

Collective Agreement Language

NUPGE Clauses
SGEU Clauses

Privatize our parks...why risk it?

Turning park facilities over to private, commercial interests threatens the future of our parks system. Read more here.

If you are concerned about the future of our parks, Contact Your MLA or the Minister of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport, Hon. Mark Docherty (306) 787-0354.

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