Here at SGEU, the thing we are most proud of is the excellence and richness of the experiences our varied members bring both to our organization and our community.

Muna De Ciman is no exception. In this link to a feature of De Ciman, you will be awed and inspired by her passion for both her adopted city of Regina as well as making sure the often strained path for new immigrants is less arduous.

In addition to all of her life work featured here, De Ciman works equally hard to make sure her fellow government workers are treated with dignity and fairness in her role as an SGEU union steward.

“I believe in the value of strong labour,” says De Ciman. “Anyone who has a deep sense of region across the planet where labour is not valued and dignified will understand the direct link between a strong labour force and a great society for everyone.”

To that end, De Ciman works tirelessly to make sure all the professionals she represents have a solid voice and their concerns are heard.

“Being protected and supported by a union is such a high value for me. I want our members to feel cared for and heard and fully supported for their contributions. It is an enormous privilege very few workers across this planet will ever know, we should not take that for granted. One thing you will find across my home nation of Africa is the natural inclination for a community to take care of its own; you don’t see that here as much, where you can say to a woman in a market for example, ‘Look after my baby for a moment while I shop to feed my family.’ What a union does is replicate that spirit of taking care of each other, supporting each other, and I want to encourage all workers to see the value in that in their workplaces.”

Please read more about De Ciman’s captivating journey as an immigrant with her family from Sierra Leone to Regina, a city she says chose her.