Local 1115 Learning Grant Application

Apply for a learning grant from Local 1115

SGEU Yorkton Local 1115 will assess learning grant applications from any member, spouse of a member, or child of a member (member may be guardian of the child), that is continuing their education, on a full-time basis, at a recognized post-secondary institution. The Local 1115 member must be a member in good standing.

SGEU Yorkton Local 1115 will assess the grant level on a combination of criteria including but not limited to: scholastic performance, leadership ability, community involvement, school/work involvement and financial need.

SGEU Local 1115 reserves the right to set the limit of grant available to any individual applicant.

Application deadline: August 31 at midnight

How to apply

Complete the application form below. Information provided may affect the level of grant eligibility, please complete all relevant fields. A copy of your submission will be emailed to you.

Note: The information will be provided to the grant committee in a format that protects the identity of the applicant.

Presentation of grants

Grants will be presented at the annual general meeting of Local 1115.


Applicant Information

Community/School/Work Background

Financial Consideration

Please identify any other bursaries, scholarships, awards, student loans you have or will receive.

Include the following information:

  • Type
  • Source
  • Amount

Learning Plan/Career Path and Summation

We are interested in your learning plan and career path. Please tell us where you are in your education and what you see as your short-term career goals.


No bigger than 5MB

Confirmation of Information

I do solemnly declare that to the best of my knowledge the required information supplied is correct and complete in every respect; and that, any monies issued on the basis of this application will be used only for valid educational expenses associated with my post-secondary studies.