Education Sector Scholarship Application Form

Each year, the Education Sector offers two $500 financial awards for members and three $1000 scholarships for members' dependants. These financial aids are open to SGEU Education Sector members or SGEU Education Sector member's dependant accepted into any post-secondary program at any approved public institution for programs starting between July 1 and June 30.

The awards are allocted:

  • SGEU members (2)
  • Sequential (1)
  • VOC & PS (1)
  • University (1)

If any of the above categories are not awarded, they may be allocated to another group.

Selection of the recipients of the scholarship will be based solely on academic standing. The selection committee reserves the right to request other additional information if warranted.

A dependant is defined as someone who:

  • Has never been married or lived common-law
  • Does not have any children
  • Is 25 years of age or under
  • Has not been out of the secondary school system for four years or more
  • Has not been in the workforce for two periods of 12 consecutive months since leaving secondary school

Applications due: August 31


Applicant Information

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