Education Sector Bursary Application Form

The Education Sector bursaries are open to SGEU Education Members in good standing or a member's dependant that is accepted in any post-secondary program at any approved public institution in Saskatchewan for programs starting between July 1 and June 30.

Applications whose field of study is not available or is over-seubscribed in Saskatchewan may be considered for the bursary.

Note: Applicant sare welcome to apply for all three bursaries; however, only one of these bursaries will be awarded per applicant.

Please describe any extenuating circumstance or pertinent information that you think may be of use in helping the bursary committee make its decision.

Anand Vaid Memorial Bursary - $1000

Anand, like most who get involved with the union, began as a steward in the 90s at the Wascana Campus in Regina. He listened to his co-workers and their plights and wanted to do more to assist them to understand and learn more about their rights and their collective agreement. Anand branched out to serve on several committees to assist others and also gain a better understanding how best to represent his co-workers.

Anand served on his campus executive committee and became a bargaining committee representative, where he continued to raise issues and gain valuable insight by listening to others throughout SGEU to assist those that he represented not only locally, but provincially as long as he was with us.

Tracey Kurtenbach Bursary - $1000

Tracey started her work as a steward for the members of the Professional Services bargaining unit and then as the local campus chairperson. She went on to become the bargaining committee chairperson and steered the membership through many significant changes and events.

Tracey was a tenacious fighter for the collective rights of the membership as well as for individual members who needed her. She was one of the best negotiators ever to have led an SGEU bargaining unit. Her ability to think several steps ahead in any situation and her attention to detail ensured the membership was never left in a weak position. To the very end she always placed the membership and their needs abover her own.

Shawna North Bursary - $1000

Shawna was a very vocal and active member at the Moose Jaw Campus of Saskatchewan Polytechnic. She started as steward at the then-named SIAST Palliser Campus. She worked hard to support the local members and went on to become campus chair in 2009. She then joined the bargaining team and successfully negotiated three collective agreements. She was elected as the vice-president of the education sector in 2010. She ran unopposed bi-annually every term and she continued in this position until the time of her passing. Shawna can be best described as passionate in her support of members and their rights.

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Applicant Information

The information in the questions below is used to evaluate the financial need of the applicant. This information must be complete and accurate. All information will be kept confidential.

Note: A dependant is defined as someone who:

  • Has never been married or lived common-law
  • Does not have any children
  • Is 25 or younger
  • Has not been out of the secondary school system for four years or more
  • Has not been in the workforce for two periods of 12 consectuive months since leaving secondary school

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Personal Finance

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Dependant applicants of the bursary will be based solely on financial need. The Selection Committee also reserves the right to request other additional information, if warranted.

Dependant applicants must combine their income with their parents. Independent applicants must combine their income with their partner/spouse.

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