Bread and Roses Award Nomination Form

Bread and Roses Award Nomination Form

Each year, the SGEU Women's Committee presents the Bread & Roses Award to recognize and celebrate the work of women activists in our union.

The phrase 'bread and roses' comes from a speech by suffragist and workers' rights activist Helen Todd in the early 1900s. In her speech, Helen called for "bread for all, and roses too," meaning that workers deserved both fair and dignified working conditions.

Fill out the following form by March 1, 2024 to nominate a woman who is making a positive difference in our union.

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Nominee Information

As diversity will be a consideration in the selection of Bread and Roses recipients, please check the box below if your nominee, to the best of your knowledge, belongs to one or more of the following equity-seeking groups:

  • Indigenous
  • Worker of colour


Nominator Information

Statement of Nomination

Your statement of nomination must highlight the ways in which the candidate has had a positive impact on their union, their community, and the labour movement. It should include any roles the candidate has held within the union, as well as a description of their volunteer and paid work.