Education Sector

Who we represent:

  Gabriel Dumont Institute - Beauval, Ile-a-la-Crosse, La Loche, Meadow Lake, Nipawin, North Battleford, Prince Albert, Regina, Saskatoon, Yorkton
  Northlands College – Buffalo Narrows, Creighton, LaRonge
  Regina School Division
  Regional Colleges

 Saskatchewan Polytechnic Professional Services


Bargaining Guidelines

Bargaining Reports

See the latest  Regional Colleges Bargaining Update - April 2019

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Sector Bylaws

As revised at the AGM October 19, 2019 and approved by the MC&L Committee on January 28, 2020.
Click here for the Education Sector Bylaws

Executive Members

Marney Robinson, Vice-President
Lynette Gerski, Secretary
Bonnie Bond, Treasurer

Provincial Council Members

Bonnie Bond, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Peggy Chartier, Gabriel Dumont Institute
Amro Khalil, Northlands College

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Scholarships & Bursaries

Click here for all SGEU scholarships and bursaries available for post-secondary education and labour education.

Important Dates

Aug 31:, Scholarship/Bursary Deadline

Standing Committee Representatives (2019 - 2021)

FAIR  - Sheena Yew Gabriel Dumont Institute 
Alt -  Angel Laliberte, North West College

E & P - Bonnie Bond, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Alt - Wanda Weber, North West College

OH & S - Amro Khalil, Northlands College
Alt - Debbie Stavely, Gabriel Dumont Institute

MC & L - Marney Robinson, North West College
Alt - Debbie Stavely, Gabriel Dumont Institute

Grievance - Lynette Gerski, Cumberland College
Alt - Tracey Conrad, North West College

Women’s- Tanya Turner, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Alt - Peggy Chartier, Gabriel Dumont Institute

Anti privatization - Christopher Isted, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Alt - Jon Burke, Saskatchewan Polytechnic

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