Summer Students

Summer students have the same collective agreement rights as other SGEU employees; summer students pay dues, are eligible for union representation for disputes, complaints, and grievances, and are entitled to many other provisions and benefits.

However, due to the government lottery system for the summer student program, summer students do not have call-back rights for re-employment.

Summer students are therefore ineligible to run for a leadership position within the union due to the nature of their membership under the summer student program. Summer students are invited to attend union local meetings and have voting rights for the duration of their membership.

Do you have a parent or guardian who is a member of SGEU? If so, you are eligible for a variety of scholarships and bursaries through the union. Check the scholarships and bursaries for more information.

Summer students are also encouraged to send their email addresses to mis@sgeu.org in order to get updates from the union on upcoming events, contests, educational opportunities, and news.

*By checking Express Consent, you are granting SGEU permission to send union communications to you electronically at the email address provided. You can remove your permission at any time by emailing mis@sgeu.org.