Many issues continue to impact and affect women, including wage discrimination, sexual harassment and violence, as well as the child care crisis. Our committee works to:

Women's Committee Members:

Committee Member Alternate Member Sector
Lynne Guick - Chair Patricia (Trish) Patey Community Services
Tanya Turner - Vice Chair Peggy Chartier Education
Theresa Evans Kristen Torrance Health
Muna De Ciman Melissa Ironbow Public Service
Sherry Sproule Courtney Topping Retail Regulatory
Hali Topinka Angi McGarry Human Rights & Equity
Theresa Wilson Jackie Currah Crown
Carolyn Rebeyka        Staff Rep

Upcoming Events

The Women’s Committee participates, hosts or sponsors these activities. As an SGEU member, your participation is encouraged! Watch for details on the SGEU Facebook page or contact Carolyn Rebeyka for more information.

Biennial Women's Conference Registration Form

IWD DInner Poster

As an SGEU member, if you have an event supporting women’s issues in your Saskatchewan community, let us know through our staff representative.





January 18, 2020

Women’s March Canada

Regina and Saskatoon (and TBD in other communities)

January 2020

Registration opens for Women’s Conference in March

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February 2020

Bread and Roses nominations open

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March 2020

Applications for sponsorship to attend Prairie School for Union Women in June open

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March 4 & 5, 2020

SGEU Women’s Conference Registration opens January 2020.


March 8, 2020

International Women's Day

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March 2020

Bread and Roses nominations close

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April 2020

Applications for sponsorship to attend Prairie School for Union Women in June close

Watch for posts on SGEU Facebook and in Union Matters

April 16, 2020

Women's Luncheon with Bread and Roses Award presentations at SGEU Convention

Moose Jaw

June 7-11, 2011

SFL Prairie School for Union Women
Registration opens in the spring.


Bread and Roses Winners

Every year the SGEU Women’s Committee presents Bread and Roses awards to women activists to recognize and celebrate the work they do within the union. The award recipients are nominated by their peers. Congratulations to the following recipients.

First Name Last Name Sector Year Received
Muna De Ciman Public Service 2014
Tanya Kenny Public Service 2014
Shawna North Education 2014
Bonnie Bond Education 2015
Bonnie Erickson Health 2015
Patrice Kelly Public Service 2015
Kimberly Loughery Retail & Regulatory  2015
Julie  Mack Retail & Regulatory  2015
Angela McGarry Public Service 2015
Kim Nordmarken Health 2015
Marney Robinson Health 2015
Tracey Sauer Health 2015
Patricia Taillon Crown 2015
Shelley     Malko Education 2015
Fina Kapovic-Wog Community Service 2015
Angie Mckenzie Education 2016
Beatrice  Fecke Health 2016
Brigette  Monteith Education 2016
Cindy Nordmarken Health 2016
Corinne Pennell Public Service 2016
Cynthia  Roney Health 2016
Debbie Wallace Crown 2016
Diane Langlois Education 2016
Linda Schuweiler Education 2016
Mary Ann Hogarth Public Service 2016
Noreen  Kushniruk Health 2016
Sharon Rose Retail & Regulatory 2016
Tammy Brown Health 2017
Tanya Buchinski Crown 2017
Lisa Cadieux de Larios Education 2017
Carole Capell-Wile Crown 2017
Donna  Christianson Retail & Regulatory  2017
Mary Ann Harrison Public Service 2017
Donna  Holaday Public Service 2017
Sharri  Laczko Health 2017
Sandra Pfeifer Community Service 2017
Diane Ralph Health 2017
Damara  Seudath Community Service 2017
Sherry Sproule Retail & Regulatory  2017
Roseann Strelezki Public Service 2017
Mechilene Veszi Community Service 2017
Wanda Weber Education 2017
Angela      Andersen Health     2018
Bente Sabiston Public Service 2018
Debbie Zawada-Wiebe Education 2018
Deborah Mooney Public Service 2018
Jocelyn         Hargreaves Crown 2018
Maleyamu Dukuly Community Service 2018
Michele Kozak Crown 2018
Teresa Wale Education 2018
Patience                 Umereweneza Community Service   2019
Lynne   Guick Community Service 2019
Brenda Peter Retail & Regulatory 2019
Sharon Friess Retail & Regulatory 2019
Debbie Wallace Crown 2019
Tammie   Hardy Crown 2019
Tanya Turner Education 2019
Ellen Leaman Education 2019
Mona Laurens Health 2019
Genny Goodyear Health 2019
Tamara Bailey Public Service 2019
Ida Miller Public Service 2019
Alice   Hehn Life Member 2019


SGEU Women's Committee: Silent Witness Project (Brochure)


Saskatchewan has one of the highest rates of spousal homicides among Canadian provinces - 8.4 spouses per million are killed in Saskatchewan each year compared to the national average of 4.8 per million.

The abuser is typically the partner or ex-partner or an acquaintance who is trying to have a relationship with the woman. The abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional or financial in nature.

Sadly, only 28 per cent of spouses report cases of family violence and a woman will be abused an average of 30 times before contacting the police.

The Silent Witness program originated in the United States in 1990 as a national effort and has now expanded to fifty states and thirty countries. In Canada, New Brunswick, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have joined the effort to raise awareness about violence against women.

A traveling exhibit of life-sized wooden silhouettes are made in honour of victimized women. SGEU's Women's Committee is currently working to gather the stories of victimized women in hopes of putting an end to violence involving girls and women.

Goals of the Silent Witness Project:

To remember ...
     by honouring women in Saskatchewan who were murdered by a spouse, partner, or acquaintance

To create awareness...
     by sharing information in communities around the province about the nature and extent of family violence

To promote action...
     by profiling local resources that support women coping with violence in their lives and encouraging community and government action to end all forms of violence in our society

In Saskatchewan, information about Abuse Help Lines is at the front of the SaskTel phonebooks or available online at abusehelplines.org.

To get more information about the project, honor a lost family member, or request a Silent Witness presentation delivered by the SGEU Women's Committee, contact Carolyn Rebeyka at (306) 775-7249.

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