Occupational Health and Safety Committee Members

Sector Committee Member Alternate
Health Desiree Paulo, Vice Chair Jamie Taylor
Crown Beth Antoshkiw, Chair Melissa Wallace
Retail & Regulatory Echo Stringer Julie Mack
Public Service Lynette Napady Roger Dusseault
Education Amro Khalil Debbie Stavely
Community Service Joanne Bevan Bernice Perkins
Human Rights & Equity Angi McGarry Roger Dusseault
Youth Courtney Topping Fancal Zou
Staff Advisor Bonnie McRae  


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Occupational Health & Safety Committee Member's Guide

SFL OH&S Conference Application - TBD

How to deal with an Occupational Health and Safety concern

Step 1: Immediately inform your supervisor/person in charge (if the problem is not resolved go to Step 2).
Step 2: Contact your OH&S workplace committee member, (If the problem is not resolved go to Step 3).
Step 3: Work with the OH&S workplace committee to resolve the concern, (If the problem is not resolved go to Step 4).
Step 4: Contact the Ministry of Labour Relations and Safety @ 1.800.567.7233, or 306.787.449 or email workersadvocate@gov.sk.ca or visit http://www.lrws.gov.sk.ca

Ombudsman of Saskatchewan

Public Interest Disclosure Act

Saskatchewan Employment Act - Part 3


2021 SGEU Occupational Health and Safety Scholarship Application Form

Plagiarism will result in disqualification from the scholarship.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 SGEU OH&S Safety Scholarship Award, Cashtyn Grunder and Camille McDaid.

WorkSafe Saskatchewan Safe Worker Award

The 2020 WorkSafe Saskatchewan Safe Worker Award winner is Northern Mat & Bridge Limited Partnership, Yorkton, SK

OH&S Alerts

Sample Occupational Health & Safety Forms

Workload Report

This is a sample form that sectors can change to be specific to their workplaces. The form can be used in bargaining and for proof of workload issues.

We ask that you complete the form if you think there is a workload issue and forward it to your Local/Region/OH&S Committee and to Bonnie McRae at bmcrae@sgeu.org. The form would then be provided to the SGEU OH&S Standing Committee to compile statistical data for review of trends.

Our goal would be to identify what and where the workload issues are. We can look at avenues to help resolve the issues.

Mental Health and PTSD Resources






Other Resources







Know your Workplace Safety and Health Rights

The Right to Know…

The Right to Participate…

The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work…

The Right to Protection...


1972: Saskatchewan leads in passing its own Occupational Health and Safety Act, Saskatchewan institutes the concept of internal responsibility system by making health and safety a joint responsibility of employer and employees and requiring the establishment of joint health and safety committees.  It enshrines three fundamental rights of workers:

Putting worker's lives in danger!

English: http://youtu.be/Q73hgnkaZxE
French: http://youtu.be/QArSbCHi4R0

Rod Stickman Video's

Rod Stickman - Slips and Falls - YouTube
Rod Stickman
- Young Worker Safety - YouTube
Rod Stickman Safe Work By Design - YouTube
Rod Stickman - Communicating at Work - YouTube
Rod Stickman - Returning to Work - YouTube

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