Human Rights/Equity Committee

Committee Members                                                   Alternate

Eric Smedley   , Visible Minorities                              Andu Mesmer                          

Mary Ann Harrison, Women                                       Tamara Bailey

Albert Zwozdesky, Aboriginal                                       Hali Topinka

Megan Greenwald, Youth                                            Tamara Bailey

Muna De Ciman, HR Female                                        Hali Topinka

Curt Woytiuk, HR Male                                                Andy Cook

Diane Maguire, Solidarity & Pride                                Vacant

Terry Wall, Persons w/ Disabilities                                Tamara Bailey

Kathy Cook, Staff Advisor


The Human Rights/Equity Committee is seeking alternates for the Youth and the Solidarity & Pride (LGBTQ) seats.  Nominees must be a member of the equity seeking group for which they are running.

        Please complete and email the nomination form to:

        Albert Zwozdesky (zwoz31@hotmail.com) by October 17, 2016

SGEU supporting Gay Pride week 2015


Human Rights

Be responsible for all matters related to equity issues and international, national and local solidarity work. Promote equity in employment and within the structure of SGEU.

Promote and defend the principles of human rights. Take decisive and positive action concerning human rights issues.


Work within the Union to build solidarity with equity seeking members, provide consultation to and liaise at all levels of the Union structure in order to achieve and maintain their rights within SGEU and in society at large.

Promote awareness and information regarding equity issues within the Union through Union publications and by other means as identified by the committee and by networking with outside interest groups.

Develop and mandate Regional Council/Sector Equity Committees to facilitate communication and awareness at the local level and to encourage Sectors/Locals to send equity delegates to SGEU Annual Convention.

Work in a coalition with the FAIR Committee to provide support and to work on racism issues.

Develop, review and recommend to the Bargaining Units and Convention, union policy and contract language concerning issues of equity, racism, colour, age, national or ethnic origin, religious affiliation, sex, sexual orientation (i.e. same sex benefits), marital status, physical or mental disability, place of residence, political affiliation and place of employment as well as any form of harassment. The Human Rights/Equity Committee, through the Provincial Council, shall enforce such policies and act as a support group.

Organize and host an Equity Conference in even-numbered years.

Consider, sponsor and support programs such as conferences, seminars, workshops, etc., pertaining to issues of equity seeking groups.

2018 HRE/FAIR Conference

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