Our History

1913 - Saskatchewan Civil Service Association (SCSA) founded as a social club with 200-300 members.

1920 - Mandate expanded to foster better working conditions

1927 - Pension plans secured through the Public Superannuation Act.

1942 - First cost-of-living bonus.

1944 - Affiliation with the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada (TLC). Saskatchewan's Trade Union Act passed.

1945 - First Public Service Agreement signed, which provided overtime, sick leave, pay equity and formal grievance procedures, to name a few provisions.

1962 - The SCSA becomes SGEA (Saskatchewan Government Employees' Association). Officials argued that negative connotations were attached to the term 'civil servant' as compared with 'public employee'.

1975 - SGEA accepted into the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL).

1970s-1980s - SGEA fights for workers' rights and benefits, such as fair and inclusive collective bargaining agreements.

1981 - SGEA becomes the Saskatchewan Government Employees' Union (SGEU), an official union incorporated under the Trade Union Act.

1980s - SGEU rapidly expands its membership base beyond government, and leads the fight for social justice in Saskatchewan.

1998 - To reflect its broad membership, SGEU becomes the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees' Union.

Today - SGEU has a brand new era to embrace. Our journey will be earmarked with many challenges, but we look forward to working with new and diverse employees and to maintaining our reputation as one of the largest and most effective unions in Saskatchewan.

SGEU's History book "For Dignity, Equality and Justice" by Doug Taylor
Copyright 1984, by The Saskatchewan Government Employees' Union, Regina, Canada
ISBN 0-9691730-0-8

You may access this document by clicking on the link for each section or chapter below or download a pdf of the whole book here. The files are quite large, so be patient, it may take a minute or so do download with high speed internet access.

SGEU's online centennial history project!

This project picks up in 1982, where Doug Taylor's SGEU history book For Dignity, Equality, and Justice left off. It chronicles over 30 eventful years in the union's history, telling SGEU's story up to and beyond its 100th birthday.

This is not a comprehensive, chronological account of the union's recent history. Rather, it identifies highlights and key issues, and covers them in depth. The website is organized into six themes, each including several topics that explain with words and images a major part of SGEU's past. (For a more detailed list of the themes, see this guide.)

This new website will also serve as a collecting point for the memories and stories of members. We encourage you to use the "Share a Memory" tool to contribute material, which will then be featured on the site.

Our hope is that by making SGEU's history easily accessible, this project will help inform and inspire current members and leaders. There are many historical parallels for the challenges the union faces today, and many of the struggles that are documented on this website are still ongoing. Lessons from the past often prove useful in dealing with the problems of the present.

Also retold here are many instances where SGEU found itself in crisis, persevered, and survived. No matter what the threat, it has always emerged ready and willing to continue fighting for its members and for the working people of Saskatchewan. If you need inspiration to carry on through difficult times, you'll find it here.

We encourage you to seize this opportunity to learn your union's history. Be aware of what we've come through, and what we're capable of accomplishing. Once you do, we think you'll agree that what's documented here is only the beginning of SGEU's story.

You can access the history project site at sgeuhistory.ca. We also invite you to test yourself with a game of SGEU history Jeopardy, online here.

SGEU's History Book - For Dignity, Quality and Justice, By Doug Taylor

Forward and Introduction
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3A
Chapter 3B
Chapter 4A
Chapter 4B
Final Note


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