Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety guidelines for retail workers


Cash Transactions

The Union is working with the employer to ensure all contact with cash is done so in the safest manner.  Below is a link from a recent news story on conducting cash transactions.


“Health authorities say there is no specific danger from cash in terms of transmitting the virus that causes COVID-19, as opposed to any other surface. The Bank of Canada notes that unlike the previous generation of Canadian bills which were made of paper, the current version is made of polymer and can therefore be washed with soap and water, which is the best method of deactivating the virus.”

Personal Protective Equipment

Employers and staff should adhere to the basic requirements of frequent handwashing and physical to mitigate risks against the COVID-19 virus. The link below provides valuable information on the use of PPE as advised by the Government of Saskatchewan.

COVID-19 Appropriate Use of PPE for Employers

Retail Guidelines

Below please find the guidelines for Grocery Stores from the Government of Saskatchewan. Most of the information below is applicable to any person working in a retail setting.

Guidance for Grocery Stores

Occupational Health & Safety

Workers have the right to refuse unusually dangerous work. If you are concerned with exposure and you feel your workplace is unsafe, you are encouraged to discuss reasonable protection measures with your employer, raise the issue with your occupational health and safety committee, and consult with safety resources found at www.Saskatchewan.ca/COVID19

Employers are responsible to continuously examine their workplaces and ensure they are providing a safe and healthy environment to protect their workers as well as customers.

Questions and Answers on COVID-19 Leaves in the Workplace and OHS

The Union remains committed to working with the employer to ensure our employees safety. Please send any concerns to unionchair@slga.gov.sk.ca

To keep up to date with Government of Saskatchewan messages and guidelines in the workplace please visit: https://www.saskatchewan.ca/government/health-care-administration-and-provider-resources/treatment-procedures-and-guidelines/emerging-public-health-issues/2019-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-information-for-businesses-and-workers





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