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Describe the area you are responsible for. Include all workplaces, locations and areas, as well as all employee categories that you are responsible for. Inadequate description of steward area will result in delays in registration. (Example: All employees on the 4th Floor, 1234 Broad Street, Regina, Saskatchewan. All part-time employees at the Prairie View Centre in Moosomin. All Parks and Maintenance Workers at Candle Lake and Snowy River.)

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In accepting the above position(s), I do hereby sincerely pledge my word to the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees' Union that I will truly and faithfully perform the duties of my office in accordance with the SGEU Constitution, Code of Ethics, Statement of Equality, the Policies and the Bylaws of the Union. I will safeguard and protect the assets of the Union and return all assets at the close of my term in office.

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