Learning for Action

Our education department offers courses to provide SGEU members with skills to help them carry out their roles in the workplace and within the union; as well as informative learning. We also offer online tutorials, steward resource information, and as well as provide information on financial awards, scholarship and bursaries offered to our SGEU members and their dependents.

Our online courses can be accessed through our classroom page.

Education and Publicity Committee

The Education and Publicity Committee (E&P) is a standing committee made up of representatives from each of the six SGEU sectors. In addition, there is one representative on the E&P Committee representing the SGEU Human Rights/Equity Committee.

Education and Publicity Committee's Mandate

Committee Members Representing the SGEU Sectors:

Committee Members

Bonnie Bond, Education (Chair)

Sabrina Cataldo, Crown

Sharri Laczko, Health

Susan Wasnik, Retail Regulatory

Kayla Taylor, Community Service

Curt Woytiuk, Public Service

Carol Yuzik, HRE

Dipa Bharadwaj, Staff Advisor

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