SGEU Long Term Disability Plan

The SGEU Long Term Disability Plan is one of the best plans in Saskatchewan. Disability benefits are 80% of net pre-disability salary and are non-taxable. The SGEU LTD Plan is owned and operated by the SGEU membership and managed by a committee of elected SGEU members.

SGEU members have access to two levels of appeal if their claim is declined or otherwise terminated. Once on LTD, they have access to a Claimant Advocate who provide guidance and assistance in navigating the Plan. In-house vocational rehabilitation counseling is also available.

SGEU bargaining units vote to join the Plan as a group. To find out if your bargaining unit belongs to the SGEU LTD Plan, or to find out how to join, contact Shane Osberg, Director, Disability Management Services, at extension 204, 522-8571 in Regina or toll-free at 1-800-667-5221.

Stewards can help members understand key facts about LTD and play a role when members return to work. Check out the fact sheets and videos below.

A steward helps a member apply for LTD

A member phones SGEU LTD staff for help

A steward gets advice from SGEU LTD staff


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